The Ride App

Need a Ride?

We use TaxiCaller
to make your life easier!

  • easy to use booking
  • fare estimates
  • favorite your locations

How do I set it up?

  • Search for “Taxi Booker”
  • Download the app
  • Open the app and search for “the Ride app”
  • Sign up and book a ride!
Ride & Go

Ride is Weston-super-Mares own local on demand taxi service and private hire booking APP.

Open the APP to find your closest taxi or Private hire driver, book and ride anytime.

For added certainty a fare estimate is shown when you book and the final price is displayed on the drivers APP and on your APP. You can choose to pay Cash or card in our cars or save time and add your card details in the APP and you can pay quickly pay at the end of your journey automatically.

All our drivers are local drivers who hold Taxi (Hackney carriage) or Private hire licenses from North Somerset Council are fully insured, DBS checked and safeguarding trained.

Why should you use Ride?

Trips on

Request a Ride
at any time

Always affordable

Compare price estimates
before you travel

Easy to use

Book a Ride 24/7 with a just 
few taps and let us take you anywhere you need to go.


Send a link to friends or loves ones to track your Ride for peace of mind. 

Peer reviewed

Rating your driver after every journey helps us identify where extra training may be needed by our driving team.

How do I Download the APP?

  • Download the APP from the APP Store or Google play store by searching for “Taxi Booker”or using the link below.
  • Click Download.

  • Open the APP on your phone

  • Type in “The Ride APP” in the search bar

  • You will be prompted to Change icon? Click ok

  • The APP will now be branded with our Logo

  • Allow the APP to access your locations.

Download now!

How do I create an account?

Open the APP and click “ New Account ”

  • Add your First and Last name in the boxes.
  • Add your email address
  • Add your mobile number for the phone you are using in the +44 format.

    Hint 0734.. becomes +44 734.

  • Create your secure Password.
  • Accept the T&C’s

or you can log in using your Facebook details.

Can I pay on card?

  • Yes of course you can, we accept Cash, our drivers carry card machines & Card bookings can be taken through our APP to save time.
  • To Add your card details click payment in the APP and click on “in APP payment” and add your card details in the APP.
  • You can even add a business card if you are using us for your business travel and keep work and personal trips separate.

How do I book?

Open the APP

  • Use the Pin point to Pin point your location or Tap on the “Pick up” box and type your location in
  • Click on “SET PICK UP”
  • Use the Pin point again or Click on “Type address or Place” to type your destination
  • Click “SET DROP OFF”
  • Use the scroll bar to select the number of passengers
  • Use the scroll bar to select the amount of Luggage you have
  • The Time is set for ASAP click to change the pick up time and date for later bookings
  • The Payment type is set for Cash. Click Payment to Change payment type
  • Review the Fare estimate
  • Review the ETA
  • If you are happy Click Book, the APP will find the closest driver to you and show you the drivers ETA, registration and car details.
  • Track your driver to your door

What safety features do Ride have?

What safety features do Ride have?

  •  All our drivers are GPS tracked when working for us, we keep records of drivers locations, arrival times, route driven, drop off times and the driver’s speed
  • Share your journey with friends or family from the APP so loved ones can track you while in one of our cars.
  • We send you our drivers details on the APP so you get in the correct car
  •  DBS checked drivers
  • Safe guarding trained drivers

    Can I use Ride without the APP installed on my phone?

    • Local businesses like hairdressers, Takeaways and cafes may have our one touch Business APP in their premises or on their reception desk. You can ask them to book a ride for you.
    • Book online using our Web widget, if you have an account already sign in and book. If you are a new customer create an account or sign in using your facebook account and verify your mobile number to make a booking.

    • The Ride APP is automated, when a request comes in through the APP or Web widget bookings are allocated by the system to the closest available driver. Because our system is automatic we can’t take or edit bookings over the phone or email and you will need to log in on the Web widget or APP on your smartphone to make or amend an existing booking.